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Day 7

2009-12-31 – Pawas,Bhagavati Mandir,Aquarium,Ratnagiri Gateway Beach,18 Hand Ganesh,Lokamanya Tilak Residence,Thiba Palace,Batia Beach, Ratnagiri [halt]

Day 7 was a busy day. We started our day at 4 am! We had plans on attending the Maha Mangalarthi at Pavas.
From 2009-12-31 - Ratnagiri - Bhagavati Mandir Fort
Only Raghavendra made it in time. We next headed off to Ratnagiri.
From 2009-12-31 - Ratnagiri - Bhagavati Mandir
We went around in a couple of autos, sight seeing. Since it was 31st we were planning on celebrations. Our initial plan was to camp on Bhatia beach, due to differences in the group we dropped the idea.
From 2009-12-31 - Flower in Bhagavati Mandir Premise

Bhagavati Mandir was the first destination, the view over the sea from here's too good. Adjacent to Bhagavati Mandir is a rocky cliff, due to time constraints we didn't scale it.
From 2009-12-31 - Adjacent Cliff to Bhagavati Mandir
Raghavendra was always fascinated with fishes, we visited a local Aquarium, next Ratnagiri Gateway Beach - it's a nice place to walk during dusk.
From 2009-12-31 - Ratnagiri - Lokamanya Tilak
The beach has a cemented platform to walk. We next visited the 18 hand Ganesh temple, however it was closed for lunch break, we could peep in through the window and a partial glimpse of it. Our next destination was Lokamanya Tilak’s Residence, nothing interesting just a place with historical importance.
From 2009-12-31 - Ratnagiri - Thiba Palace, Notice a small tilt in axis, it was because this shot was taken off a moving auto :)
We next had the best lunch at Mithali. The hotel staff were Kannadigas and we were well served. Everyone thought we were a bunch of crazy idiots having come all the way from Bangalore visiting Ratnagiri. Soon after lunch we headed to Bhatia beach. The beach was littered on the initial stretch as we walked further it got cleaner. We had plans to camp here for the New Year’s eve but dropped the idea on fear of police and drunken public. We later settled in a lodge facing the Bus Stand.
From 2009-12-31 - Flowering plant at Batia Beach
Next morning we were to board a bus at 530 hours to our next destination..
From 2009-12-31 - Rocks surrounding the Batia Beach

From 2009-12-31 - Awesome view of Batia Beach

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