Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 4

2009-12-28 - Mahabeleshwar + Panchagani

It was quite disappointing on reaching Mahabeleshwar, the place was owercrowded with hawkers & tourists. There were traffic jams too.
From 2009-12-28 - Poladhpur
We visited the famous Mahabeleshwar Temple,
From 2009-12-28 - Poladhpur
and a couple of View points before heading off to Panchagani. In Panchagani we were keen on Table top View point and nothing else.
From 2009-12-28 - On the way to Mahabeleshwar
We took a long circular walk in the hot hot sun. The place was indeed good with a couple of water spots and panoramic views.
From 2009-12-28 - Fresh Strawberries

On our way back we our driver was kind enough to take us to a Strawberry farm where the girls had the opportunity to hand plucked half a kilo Strawberries.
From 2009-12-28 - Straberry Flower
However the girls were stupid enough to pluck unripe and disfigured Strawberries, when given the luxury to selectively hand pick the Strawberries.

We spent the Second night at Poladhpur. We took a late night walk along the Poladhpur ~ Mahabeleshwar Highway in cool and pleasant weather. We also stayed up playing Addictive Poker
From 2009-12-28 - Mahabeleshwar - View Point

From 2009-12-28 - Panchagani- Purushottam Posing

From 2009-12-28 - Panchagani Table Top View Point

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