Saturday, November 04, 2006

Slithered till death

Savandurga a small rock climber’s paradise 65 kms from Bangalore city was the chosen destination on Kannada Rajyotsava - 1st of November 2006. The idea was 6 of us summit Savandurga, a couple of buggers had ditched us.

The ride there was pretty cool without many complaints; expect 25kms from Ramnagar was a bumpy ride. There were scenic beauty on either side of the road on most occasions and the weather was cloudy and pleasant. There is a very popular Narashima Swami Temple which attracts the non-adventure seeking crowd. After a brief Darshan we started off with our ascent.

Rahul in high spirits lead us on a shortcut over a ghostly trail up a narrow steep upward crevice all along a slippery upward grave. Karthik and I had to back track to a humane trail.

Once we were on top we had nothing much to see or do, we took some snaps and decided to head down as saw rain catch up on us. We had to split into two groups and reunited later after the rains stopped.

The rains had turned the rocks into a slippery grave with frequent slips unavoidable. Sandeep had the worst experiences in our company. Having slipped early in the ascent he was the most cautious. On reaching the ghostly trail where we earlier attempted our ascent we saw a organic structure lying lifeless in a stream of water, torn clothing, a broken skull, froth oozing out of its motionless mouth, wildly twisted legs hanging over a rock and 7 of his men 50 meters away franticly trying to figure out what to do.. 4 men still trying to make a safe shoring down the slippery rocks all along the same stream.

The tragedy stuck hard on us we had a very bad feeling about the place and left soon without wasting much time. We took Maagdi road after a local directed us. The road sucks; Mysore road rules it’s better to take that any day.

1. Do not be over adventurous
2. Savandurga is good 1 day outing ideal during winter
3. Rain + You Rock climb => you grow famous next day [obituary column]