Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 1 ~ 2

2009-12-25 ~ 2009-12-26 - Bangalore -> Khollapur [Lakshmi Temple] -> Khed


To begin with we were six, namely Hamsa, Jayashree, Gururaj, Purushottam, Raghavendra and I (Rohit). We hit Khollapur via Rani Chennamma Express, which landed us there late in the afternoon.
From 2009-12-26 - Khollapur Lakshmi Temple

From 2009-12-26 - Khollapur Lakshmi Temple Long wait

We went in search of the temple’s Dharamshala, which was full. We dumped our luggage in a small lodge nearby, freshen up and soon left to the Khollapur Lakshmi Temple. Soon after the darshan we tried Maharashtra special ‘Misal’; initially the group seemed to enjoy this delicacy but very soon we started to hate it. It tastes like Malasa puri without Puris in it + Mixture + Oil, along with it was served Paavs.
From 2009-12-26 - Kumkum being sold at Khollapur

As it drew closed to Dusk the roads got too busy and you could see people all around. The roads too were filled with people, it wasn’t tough for us to get lost however due to our distinct attire [Heavy Flashy Backpacks] we managed to stick together. We had plans to visit another view point closeby with too little time we dropped the idea and headed straight to the Bust stand. After a lot of discussion we decided to get to Khed and then to Rajgad.

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