Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 6

2009-12-30 - Jaigad Fort ~ Pavas (Ratnagiri):
From 2009-12-30 - JaiGad Fort - Purushottam,Raghavendra,Jayashree,Hamsa,Gururaj,Rohit.

Next morning we again took a walk along the beach and left to Jaigad Fort. Due to improper planning we ended up whole day at this fort.
From 2009-12-30 - Blind Cat @ JaiGad
To get there was a pain even. We had to get there via 3 intermediate destinations; we even had to travel in an overcrowded Tata Sumo.
From 2009-12-30 - Dragger
By the time we made it it was noon. Due to too much travel we moved at a snails pace. We had plans of a boat ride to the adjacent beach.
From 2009-12-30 - The group
We had to cut down as we had run out of time.

By now we were bugged up seeing forts, we had seen enough, on the way we ran into Customs Inspector’s office.
From 2009-12-30 - JaiGad Fort Walls
We dropped oir luggage and went around sight seeing. The fort was built along the rocky beaches facing the sea and had a great panoramic view of the adjacent sandy beaches lined with ‘Gaali mara’ tree.
From 2009-12-30 - View from JaiGad Fort

Next we headed to Ratnagiri. We did more of travel than sightseeing for the day. In the bus one of the locals convinced us to halt at Pawas.
From 2009-12-30 - Adjacent Beach
Little did we know it was free accommodation; footwear’s not allowed beyond the verandah. The room was clean however we found a king size lizard, the girls were over reacting on seeing him. I managed to get him hiding behind a photo frame and got them back into the room.
From 2009-12-30 - Dragger in Foreground;Virgin Beaches in the Background

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