Sunday, May 09, 2010

Channa Giri [Biking + Trek]


From Chikballapur Lighting...

[1 Day Biking + Trekking]
After seeing a few great pix off Pranjal, I decided to bike and trek this place. Vishnu and his friends showed interest and joined in. I do not recollect the group size :) we were about 13.
From Partial Group: Rohit,Jatin,Arpita,Manisha,Tarun,Rahul,Ritu,idplz,Aadarsh,Vishnu; the rest were sleeping:)

We biked on International Airport till we hit Nandi hills crossing. After much confusion and inquiry we made it to the place. We started our Trek at 0030 hours. We reached the peak by 0330 hours.
From Skandagiri? Not sure which place it is..

We were all set and we started preparing hot hot Bajji's. The guys were the cooks and the girls were just complaining. The bajji episode ended at 0500 hours. It was time for sunrise. We got onto the other side [East] took a few snaps till sunrise.
From Sunrise Channagiri

We soon started our downward journey and made it back to civilisation by 1100 hours.

1. Preparing Bajji's all night was a great experience.
2. Biking Friday night's a good idea not much traffic.


Pranjal said...

Good one! Good demographics , which is generally lacking in the treks we generally do :-D

Srikanth Manjunath said...
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Jenny Watson said...

Nice blog.. Nice pictures.. you can also visit- Channagiri Day Trek

Jenny Watson said...

Nice blog.. nice pictures.. you can also visit- Chennagiri day Trek