Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kaginari Ruins

What seemed to be a complete disaster turned out to be an okish trek… Everyone who was asked to join in seemed to say yes, with no one saying a no we thought we were expecting about 20+ head count. Finally it turned out that 11 trekkers finally showed up at Majestic Platform #5 our usual meeting point. The troupe consisted of Nagappa, Vinay, Venkat, Rithika, Satyaveer, Ritesh & 4 off his friends and myself.

Day 1 [25th]
On reaching Sakleshpur at 430hours we slept a while, had breakfast at 630hours freshened up and left to Aane Mahal [ಆನೆ ಮಹಲ್] where our guide would pick us up and drive us to Kaginari village.
Bisle Ghat Green Vine Snake ~>Thanks to Aditya for identifying the snake
The plan was to trek upto Thimaddka [ತಿಮದ್ಕ], by the time we started it was about 1100 hours it took us a while to complete the 10km trek. On the way we got to see no wildlife, however we did find fresh Bear shit, dry Tiger shit a few wild poisonous/non-poisonous mushrooms and a bamboo viper…From the peak we could spot Kumaraparvatha, Amedikallu, Jenkallu Gudda, Nayee gudda and Aramane Gudda.
Bisle Ghat Near the Peak
We camped on Thimadaka peak which is roughly at 4000 Ft above sea level, we had a big camp fire too.. Dinner was MTR stuff and steamed rice..
Bisle Ghat Sunset point - Thimadaka

Bisle Ghat Amazing Camp Fire that burned all night

Day 2 [26th]
Bisle Ghat Automatic Revolver...

Our guide had parked his vehicle at Kaginari, hence we were forced to retrace the same old path. The other route was to get off at Shiragabilu Railway station and then hit Gundia Check post where we catch a bus to Bangalore.
Kaginari Village Cattle Grazing
On our way back we checked out the fort ruins and took bath in the flowing stream near Kaginari Village before heading back.
Munjarabad Fort Lilly in prison
On our way back we visited Munjarabad Fort
Munjarabad Fort Leaning against the Fort Wall
. We hit the 1800 hour sakleshpur ~ Bangalore Local bus (not the Express bus), that dropped us at Majestic at 0030 hours.
Munjarabad Fort Potrait

#1 It’s an easy trek, good one for first timers
#2 According to our guide it has abundant wildlife population
#3 The place is scenic, good to visit after rains
#4 A guide’s not required, the path is clear and free from confusion.
#5 half a litre water reserve will do provided you refill at every water hole.
#6 Don’t take the local bus, always take the Express.
Bisle Ghat View down Thimadka, KP is the farthest and Faintest

More Pix @ http://flickr.com/roti


Mayuresh said...

Hi, Please give me Guide contact details.My email id mayureshkapote@gmail.com

Aditya said...


The picture of the snake is damn good. However, it is not the Bamboo viper as labeled in the blog. It is a Green Vine Snake. Check out the following link for reference.



alwaysrohit said...

Regarding the 'Guide':
We actually took a locallite who is the brother of the local MLA.. I'm afraid he won't be at your service.
Moreover you could reach the local village of Kaginari and ask for 'Manju' who guides trekkers.

FYI, you do not need one, it's an easy Trek!

Likith Jogi said...

Hi Always Rohit,

I'm a trekker too, could you please guide me through the paths, where to ascend and where to decend from kagineri??

Please do mail me at likithjogi@gmail.com